Updated: Sep 7, 2020

My African Brothers and Sisters,

,Juneteenth is NOT our day to celebrate. In fact Juneteenth should be a day of shame for us. Juneteenth should be a reminder of the Original Sin that defaces our history. The original sin committed by our forefathers who sold their sons and daughters to slavery.

Yes, Slavery is the sin of our forefathers.

Slavery was not a white man's invention. Our fore-fathers sold their sons and daughters into slavery, in exchange for a gun and a nickel .

Hundreds of years later, our founding fathers sent their youth to the gallows, so they can keep the land and freedom to themselves. Another 100years later, our leaders are busy auctioning the labor of our youth, in exchange for teargas and spite.

For centuries, the story of Africa has been tainted by the original sin of our forefathers. And because of that, the black man shall not be free anywhere else in the world until he's free right here in the motherland.

We, the youth of today, owe it to ourselves to find healing for ourselves and our beloved Mama Africa from the trauma of our past.

A.K Ndungu.

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