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.....To Power...

We all have our different world-views...and yet,

We all have at least one thing in common:

We are humans, and that means

We’re social beings!

As social beings,

Dialogue helps us find the things we have in common, so we can create more

The more we have in common, the safer we feel, the harder we work

and the more prosperous we become!


I have always tried to listen more than I speak

Otherwise, “Why shout in the noise?"


Lately I’ve been feeling

A growing sense of emptiness

A strange loneliness amidst a rising cacophony noise

Ironically, Technology has empowered us to speak more than we listen

And hence,

The more I look,

The more I witness

Willful, and often tragic breakdowns in communication

Between people that need to talk to each other

People whose Job Description is actually;

“Listen to each other!"

As a Political Scientist and student of Black History,

I am even more disturbed by the growing polarization

Between netizens, of our one virtual world,

Citizens, of our once United Nations,

Children of our once only-Mother Earth

What is the world coming to, and where is it going?

A world where everyone competes for something

And no one builds anything?

A world where the past is brighter than the future?

A world where home is not always best?

No. No, No, No, No!

We must do something about this!

I must do something about this!

For my sanity, for my own peace of mind!

Somebody once said, that

"To be a Prophet you must spend time in the desert”

I believe that my time in the desert of anonymity

Of self-imposed censorship

has come to an end

It’s time to stand up

and speak out

For The Truth!

To give voice

To the one thing I believe to be True

A belief that has shaped my entire life

From my upbringing in the slopes of The Aberdares

To my coming of age in the Valley of Pioneers

The belief that We Humans

Are Better Together

Than we are apart

I truly believe

That we cannot accomplish the simplest of tasks

without being able to communicate effectively

This is my truth

And I won't put a lid on it anymore,

I will share it with whoever hears my voice

Speaking Truth to Power.

Since 2021!

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