I am Ready!

I am not going to waste my words!

I've been waiting for this moment, 

for a long, long time!  

And now I realize

that I've actually been preparing 





Tell me this 

Are we doing this for real?

Tell me once again! 

Chokera uguo wauga

ii, thikiririe uria ndaigua

Tondu haha 

He kaundu kangenia 

Nginya ndaigua ngoro yatubia 

Ni kuona rúciú rúega

Mahoya ma kirindi

Njamba ya rúriri

Ndi tayari


Ndi tayari! 

I am ready! 

I am fucking ready! 

Oh you're gon' have to calm me down 

Coz I am leaving it all on the floor 

I am betting the last of my bones

It’s time to make Mama proud 

Her time is now

She birthed all of us

Each and everyone of us  

Who bears in their soul 

a piece of the motherland 

Mama says to us: 

Let the children come to me 

And I will embrace them 

with the warmth that only a mother can give 

My children have suffered much pain and trauma 

For hundreds of years 

They can always come home to Mama 

And now is the right time

The sun is shining, Africa is beautiful

Young, friendly and hungry for work

We can do so much together 

So long as we put our hearts to it 

I got my boots on 

I got my helmet 

I got my body armor

And most importantly 

I got the Keys to my Soul

Let's do this! 


Let's do this!


Let's do this! 


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