Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Unspoken Words of George Floyd.

Congrats, Humans!    

You have achieved

Yet, another evolutionary milestone:

A live broadcast, 

of an actual human kill! 

Man on man,

no gun, no sword, no drone

Just a knee, 

and a pair of good ol 'cuffs

Streamed live 

for the world to see! 

Daylight murder, 

of an unarmed, grown-ass, black man, 

His name, George Floyd.

Hands shacked behind his back,

Face pressed down on the dirty street,

Begging for his dear life.

Crying for his mama

I can't breathe!

I can’t breathe!

I can't be!




I can't breathe!

Your hand on the waist!

Your eye on the camera

Your knee on his neck.

I can't breathe.


who's taking notes?

Who's gon' twist this tale

'to yet another legend

Our men in blue...

Our man in suit, 

400 hundred years!

of pain and trauma 

bequeathed to the next generation 

Who now have to live 

with an ugly mark in their hearts  

How evil man can be! 

How cruel! 

How heartless! 

And yet, 

How clueless!  

Clueless about our right

Our right that cannot be granted 

by a fellow human being 

Our right to Be.

Our right to Live.

To be and to be seen!

To speak and to be heard!  

Our right to love and to be loved!

We seek justice! 

We call for justice!

We demand justice!


In the streets and in the courtroom

In the classroom and in the boardroom

In the village and in the city

In the slums and in the suburbs


And rest assured,

That we will not forget! 

We will not forget

What you did

to one of our own

His name, George Floyd!

His name, Eric Garner!

His name, Jacob Blake!

Jina lake, Yassin Moyo.

Jina lake Chris Msando.

Riitwa riake, ni Martin Kimani

Riitwa riake, ni J.M wa Kariuki! 

For no man

deserves to die

in the hands of another.   





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