The Justice and Accountability Movement for Africa

Updated: Jan 5

Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta,

On this 1st day of the year 2021.

Mr. President,

Allow me to address you NOT as President of the Republic of Kenya, but as a fellow Alumni of the Political Science Department at Amherst College.

That said, I am writing to enlist your support for the The Justice and Accountability Movement - The JAM. The JAM is a 10-year plan to revive the lost promise of the Pan-African Movement namely - Pride and Dignity of the African Peoples in Motherland, and in the Diaspora.

The movement's plan is simple: Over the next 10 Years, The Justice and Accountability Movement Party (The JAM Party) will back Presidential candidates across 10 African countries, under a Pan-African Agenda of Economic Freedom for Africa, Opportunity for All. Personally, I will be offering myself for the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya under the movement's banner, in the 2032 General Election.

To this end, I am committing to raise $10 Million US Dollars over the next 10 years that will go towards this noble endeavor. Your personal donation of $100,000 will signal a radical shift in African succession politics – from do or die competition to a #PeopleFirst approach.

Building on the work of leading Pan-Africanist – from Pio Gama Pinto to Julius Malema, Thomas Sankara to Robert Kyagulanyi – the movement will focus singularly on the goal of engineering a new social-contract with the ultimate aim of reclaiming Africa’s position at the center of the global economy by the year 2100.

Indeed, from Slavery to Colonialism, African labor has powered the so-called Western Civilization with little to show in economic gains for our people. However, by the year 2100, 1 in 3 people walking the earth will be Black/African. This means that Africa will become the world’s factory, its primary growth market, nutrition basket, as well as the left lung of our green planet.

Our call to Justice stems from our belief in the primary purpose of the state – ensuring peaceful co-existence of all under it’s jurisdiction. There can be no peace without justice and no prosperity without peace. Similarly, our call for Accountability is a promise to uphold the highest standards of Integrity as a prerequisite for Shared Prosperity. For there can be No Prosperity without Accountability.

Finally, our quest for inter-generational transfer of power is but a quest to forestall the calamitous repercussions of a lopsided demographic pyramid. Africa has the youngest population and the oldest leaders in the world!

Mr. President,

You and I share a few things in common besides graduating from the fairest college on the hill. We both studied Political Science under the tutelage of Professors Pavel Machala, Gordon Levin, Amrita Basu among others.

We both graduated from Catholic High Schools and we both share a love a of people and a passion for service. We also share the burden of bridging the perilous gap between our peoples and the rest of the world; a gap that is ever-widening along the Quantum dynamics of Time, Space and Race. .

Mr. President,

A short while ago, I spoke with a fellow PolSci Alumni of the Amherst Class of 1965. An avowed Marxist, Civil Rights Activist and Revolutionary (certainly not a Reformist) he shared a riveting story of how he invited Brother Malcolm X to speak at Amherst, barely a week before he (Malcolm) was shot 21 times inside the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, on February the 21st 1965.

The idea of a rare conversation with Malcolm sparked an obvious question: What would Malcolm say about Africa, were alive today?

Well, shortly before Malcolm met his untimely death, he visited our beautiful country Kenya and met with the original Pan-Africanist - Pio Gama Pinto. PGP advised Malcolm to escalate the call for #BlackLivesMatter to the United Nations and in so doing, elevate the matter of #AntiBlackRacism from the realm of Nationalism to the realm of Humanism.

I believe that Malcolm, would argue that, “The Black man cannot be free, anywhere else in the world, until he’s free in his own motherland.” He would urge #WeBlackAfricans take the lead on the #GlobalInclusionAgenda by embracing and expounding on the African value system of #Ubuntu/Utu/Úúmúndú – “I am because we are.”

Mr. President,

60 years of independence have done little to advance the dignity of the African people in the world, despite the relentless match towards globalization. The global march for #BlackLivesMatter, revealed Africa's ignorant cynicism to the endemic problem of Anti-black racism around the world and throughout history. We now face the enormous challenge of actualizing the idea of Africa's Economic Freedom in a world that still views us as bastard children of the universe.

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has created a new generation of #GlobalNetizens who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, join hands and minds, and dream of a #BetterWorldforAll. In your Madaraka Day address Mr. President, you called on us to seize this Once-in-a-Generation opportunity (60 years) to renew the #SocialContract that defines us as a people, much in the same way Mzee hoped for a new beginning with Session Paper 10. It is my belief that a new contract will propel Africa to the center of a global community torn apart by fear, hate, control and competition.

Our forefathers fought for, and achieved, the freedom to determine our political destiny. Your generation has done its part in building an stable foundation for our national consciousness. Our generation will secure Africa’s economic freedom so that future generations of Africans and people of African descent embrace their African identity with pride and dignity.

Mr. President,

The very fact that I can sit @NairobiJavaHouse and enjoy a warm cup of the world's finest coffee while browsing the internet at speeds rivaling that in New York, Berlin or Istanbul, is testament to the great lengths your generation has taken to position Africa for a prosperous future. We are and will forever remain grateful for your efforts even as we critique your bloopers and blunders.

I particularly feel that you totally failed the first test of Political Science 101; applying Niccolo Machiavelli’s thought in “The Prince” on the issue of your Deputy. To this day you continue on a path of wishful conciliation despite being fully aware that it is the nature of a Kingmaker to want to be King!

This is precisely why Machiavelli advised The Prince to eliminate the Kingmakers immediately he secures power. For 10 good years, you entertained your biggest political risk, expecting him to shelve political ambitions for the wishful ideal of political camaraderie...much like the shepherd who entrusted his flock to the Hyena, promising a sumptuous dinner at the tail end of the day! Eish! Hapo you failed biggly bana!

A quick word of advice on the matter of your deputy: Don’t sweat it. In a democracy, it doesn't matter who becomes President, rather how the electorate keeps them accountable is the hallmark of democracy. After all if a blond haired, sex-craved, egotistical ignoramus can become POTUS even #Gítheriman can become PORK.

You missed the opportunity to stem the inevitable fall out with the DP way back in 2011. As an #AlumniHustler myself I know for sure that the current generation of Hustlers will soon want to graduate into Entrepreneurs. They will need capital to upgrade from Wheelbarrows to Mikokoteni, Bodabodas to Tuktuks, Probox to Pickups, all in the face of unrelenting competition from #ExpatHustlers.

The #HustlerMovement makes an economic argument while BBI provides a political one. Yet, job creation will remain a serious pain in the butt for pretty much every government that comes into power in the foreseeable future. Many will struggle to meet public expectations for jobs, most will fail and implode from within, and a diligent few will find a healthy balance between populist rhetoric and the realist sobriety of political economics.

Mr. President,

You and I know that the challenge of our times is not in the realm of domestic politics but in the global political arena.

You and I know that Africa’s future depends more on what happens in Wuhan, Portland and the St. Petersburg than the shenanigans in Ndúndúri, Tharaka or Siaya-Bondo.

You and I know that the next president will need you far much more than they'll fear you. The country, and indeed the African continent, will need each and every brain on the land to pull through the coming decade. This is no time for short-sighted competitive politicking but a rare opportunity for a compete reset of our socio contract.

And that's precisely why

#WeTheYouthofAfrica dissociate with Corruption and Impunity even by our own parents!

#WeTheYouthofAfrica denounce Racism, Sexism, Ageism and all otherisms that tear us apart from our brothers and sisters around the world.

#WeTheYouthofAfrica affirm our proud heritage as sons and daughters of the motherland.

The Justice and Accountability Movement gives us a simple but powerful promise: That if only we could just raise our eyes beyond the man-made borders that define us, we’ll see a beautiful, rich, vibrant and joyful homeland that is #MamaAfrica for us.

#ThisLand, that is greater than China, India and Europe combined.

#This Land, whose minerals and precious metals power the world’s economy.

#ThisLand, whose sounds and rhythms create a beautiful soundtrack for the universe.

#ThisLand whose sandy beaches, dry savannas and green mountains nourish the earth with precious minerals and nutrients.

#ThisLand, whose peoples color the world with beauty, talent, resilience and enduring hope.

Mama Africa, is our and humanity’s collective homeland. So when Mama says, “Let the children come to me,” we can't help but to embrace her warmth and nourish from her love.

This is the promise of our generation to our parents' generation and to our peers around the world – that Yes, the Future of the world economy is here in Africa, and Yes! Please do join us in this awesome endeavor to create a world of opportunities, for all.

From Pio Gama Pinto to Joseph Murumbi, Kwame Nkurumah, Gamel Abdel Nasser and even our brothers and sisters across the pond: Brothers Mohamed Ali, Malcolm X, Sister Nina Simone, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama and countless others, I have no doubt that the task before us, though far greater than any single one of us, is achievable within our lifetime.

Cognizant of the fact that the previous movements towards equality and inclusion suffered from chronic breakdowns in leadership, we are hereby committing to Mentor the next generation by working side-by-side with them as The Justice and Accountability Warriors – #TheJAWs - sworn to keep the government of the day fully accountable to #WeThePeople

We are also reaching out Civil Rights leaders from across the continent and the black diaspora to share their knowledge, experience, expertise with the new crop of young leaders who will take this movement to the tail end of the century.

Mr. President,

The African philosophy of Ubuntu promises to birth new #GenerationalConsciousness worldwide and help heal the humanity from the key exigency of extreme capitalism - individualism and the moral corruption of our socioeconomic fabric.

An Africa-centered global economy will unleash a powerful wave of environmental (Green) and social enterprise jobs for millions of young people around the world for the next 100 years. The issue at hand is not whether Africa will become a strategic powerhouse in the global economy, but whether this inevitability will be spearheaded by a #BlackFace or yet again co-opted by unscrupulous wheeler dealers.

We truly believe that Africa can generate 100 million #SustainableGreenJobs from intra-continental trade, by the year 2050. Re-balanced global trade will easily double that number. However, we must find the courage to say NO to anyone who fails to see Africans as humans first and as equals in a peer-to-peer partnership.

Racism has no place in Mama’s house. Period!

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